Globalization Website Design

Globalization Website Design

Globalization Website Design: Utilizing International Markets

 1. Googel AD International’s function is to help you make your products available to global markets

Considering that dominant economic trends greatly favor globalization, international marketing has become vital to the growth of any business. The global economy is evolving and changing at such a rapid pace, there are always new challenges to overcome, and international marketing is a necessity for companies that aspire to compete in the worldwide economy, not only to flourish, but to survive. International marketing, after all, creates a worldwide marketplace.

As the number of international businesses continues to multiply, the ability for them to communicate and interact becomes vital to their growth. At Googel AD , we specialize in enabling businesses to meet in one, central cyberspace. This allows them to utilize each others strengths so that each emerges synergistically more powerful, engaging in international trade in the most efficient forum. We introduce buyers and sellers, and help them to create mutually beneficial transactions, while overcoming the obstacles of language barriers, cultural differences, diverse political systems, and religious or geographical issues.

Prior to the internet, the alternative was for buyers and sellers to seek each other out through international exhibitions for international trade. However, the cost, time involved, limited attendance, or location could be, in themselves, issues to be dealt with. Use of the internet to accomplish this trade is infinitely more productive, for it is faster, easier, and cheaper to promote using international marketing, not to mention that time and location become irrelevant.

This being said, there are still obstacles to overcome. Some countries have intranets, which create barriers to information crossing back and forth. There is also a problem if the NSPs used don’t offer sufficient bandwidth to handle international information traffic. This is what causes difficulty in browsing remote websites, even if you know the domain you’d like to reach. Security used by some countries can act as a filter, blocking information, as well.

2. What can influence international trading?

Culture includes: language, religion, values, manners, customs, education, and aesthetics. Language is ultimately the most important of these elements. There are many languages in use on our planet. Language has been described as the mirror of culture. It is multidimensional by nature. For instance, we communicate not only by spoken words, but also nonverbally. Providing selling information in a native language of a particular market is necessary before a firm may enter that international market. Each language has its own nuances, words and phrases particular to its use that only those speaking it natively would understand and appreciate. Communication in a native language is necessary in order to competently and completely convey information between parties involved in a business transaction. This allows both the buyer and seller feel at ease and secure in their dealings.

Globalization acts to create a uniform world market; on the other hand it can also dilute countries’ particular cultures and languages. Many countries have taken measures to protect their cultures and languages. In fact, some governments have even directed local companies, buyers, and sellers, to use only their native language in selling or advertising their products. Surveys have shown that 75% of those having to navigate the internet in a non-native language have experienced a negative impact on productivity. For truly effective global internet marketing to occur, information must be provided in the native language of each participating party. It has been shown that web users are three times more likely to buy when offers are made in their own language.

In order to execute successful translations, taking into account culture and local usages, care needs to be taken in selecting a translator/translating company. At Googel AD , the method we use is back-translation, or translating a foreign language back to the original language by a person other than the one who made the first translation.

English has long been perceived as the language used on the web, however the number of non-English speakers worldwide actually increased to 65 % in 2006. This obviously signals a need for effective communications between different-languaged parties.

Googel AD addresses the obstacles to successful translation of information.
Internet infrastructures:
There are many different types of computers and various network types, and the technology for these is continually changing. Further complicating things is the fact that different countries have their own intranets, which may or may not be compatible with others’, making the World Wide Web not so worldwide, after all. This is why a service like ours at Googel AD is of such use to those who wish to reach beyond their own local markets.

All in one structure:
All in one (like B2B) constructions, are very workable for the domestic information market. It has drawbacks when information needs to penetrate the international market, however. It is similar to being a guest who lives in a hotel. The address, the space, and other information are temporary, and thus limited for buyers and suppliers–in this case, the information inside. This causes difficulty in searching, opening, and understanding information by people from other cultural backgrounds.

Googel AD overcomes hurdles of International Promotion
Communicating in a way that is in accordance with local cultures:

Googel AD presents your company and products to international customers in a format that is familiar to them. This helps international buyers to become aware of your products and your company, while feeling secure that they are getting a true picture of who you are and what you offer.

Providing vital details of the Products and Company:

We introduce companies and products to international buyers easily, while providing essential details. In this way, we encourage buyers and suppliers to make up their minds, having all the information they need.

Clear pictures of your Products:

Impress international buyers or suppliers with full, clear visual information, so they can make decisions without hesitating.

Instant Information Feedback:

Ease of communication with clients instills confidence in you as a seller.

Googel AD International’s function is to help your products to penetrate international markets effectively.

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